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How to Free the Mind From Nicotine

Quitting something as addictive as nicotine is an uphill battle many are fighting. Meditation could be the answer. All you have to do is be willing to commit to this positive, introspective lifestyle change. It may be scary to be completely alone with our thoughts and having to face them head on, especially in the age of constant distraction and stimulation. But the results are worth it. For the rundown on meditation, click here

Mindfulness Training Fights Addiction

In the minds of those struggling with addiction, immediate gratification and pleasure seeking takes over rationality and creates a dependence, but meditation can be used to gain control of the mind and body for the better. Research has shown meditation has the potential to help benefit the minds of smokers to work towards quitting nicotine. A randomized trial showed that people trying to quit that practiced MT, or mindfulness training/therapy, had far better results than the alternative treatment. Another study had people practice transcendental meditation for two years, and over half the participants were successful in quitting, vastly higher than the control group.

 Losing Nicotine and Finding Yourself

Practicing mindfulness can disassociate the craving feeling from the desire to smoke. You can grow to be able to separate feelings from their subconscious reactions, identifying triggers and emotions that make you reach for a cigarette or nicotine device. Aside from just quitting smoking or vaping e-cigarettes, this can result in positive habits and better reactions to situations, less impulsivity and more stability. Meditation gives you a grasp of yourself, your emotions, desires and convictions. This results in greater self control and willpower to make your own decisions and not be swayed by addiction. Being kind to yourself through meditation can help you be kind to yourself in resisting the craving to smoke harmful substances.

Every reach for that nicotine vape or cigarette is just a bandaid over deep-seated feelings and stresses, and once it wears off, it needs to be replenished. However with meditation you can be freed from this cycle by working through the anxiety and emotions that fuel the addiction, finding yourself cultivating a positive, healthy mindset and habits.

Benefits of Meditation 

Mental health is more linked to bodily health than many people realize, less stress and anxiety means a boosted immune system, less fatigue, overall feeling better. The benefits of meditation are countless. Numerous studies have shown benefits of meditation in multiple cognitive areas, and on a biological level, the brains of meditators showed less gray matter atrophy. It can improve focus and cognitive endurance by cleansing the mind and practicing focus on breathing. Mood can be uplifted by not letting negative thoughts get you down, identifying the causes of stresses and being rational. It can boost self confidence through the process of uplifting yourself and coming to terms with your emotions in a positive light, making you more self assured and raising your sense of self worth. Meditation is used for its potential to decrease stress, possible through accepting feelings and realizing you are strong enough to overcome your stressors. Focusing on your emotions helps you be more patient and in control of your responses to stressful situations. Outside of yourself, it can increase empathy, an understanding of self leads to an understanding of others. It’s important to stick with regular practice of mindful meditation for the benefits to really kick in, it’s a marathon not a sprint. 

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