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Why Can’t I Fall Asleep?

If you’ve ever laid in bed staring at your ceiling, tired from a long day’s work but completely unable to drift off to sleep, you understand how miserable it can be struggling to fall asleep at night.

Much of this time is often spent wondering why falling asleep is so difficult when it’s late and your body clearly needs sleep. While some people do suffer from conditions that prevent them from easily falling asleep, there are other factors that make falling asleep difficult for the majority of those who struggle to go to sleep at night. These factors include:


Stress is heavily linked to difficulty sleeping. In order to fall asleep, your mind needs to be relaxed and unburdened. When you’re stressed out, though, your mind is most often a whir of activity even when you are trying to fall asleep, leading to a state that makes falling asleep incredibly difficult.

Artificial Light

Our bodies are designed to be wakeful and energized during the day at to be relaxed and sleepy at night. To promote this cycle, the brain produces serotonin – an energizing hormone – during the day and melatonin – a drowsiness-inducing hormone - during the night. However, all of this is based on whether or not light is present. When you are surrounded by artificial light it essentially tricks your brain into thinking its still daylight, causing it to continue producing serotonin and delay producing melatonin.

Lack of Nutrients

Sleep is a state brought on by a number of biological processes, and these biological processes require certain vitamins and nutrients in order to be carried out. This means that if you aren’t getting the right nutrients in your diet it may be affecting your sleep.

The Solution

Between stress, artificial light, and a lack of nutrients, there’s little wonder why so many of us struggle to go to sleep at night. Thankfully, though, there’s a simple solution - melatonin is a natural hormone that can help to regulate your internal clock.


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