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Never Forget to Take Your Vitamins Again

Surveys show that in spite of the fact that doctors and health professionals recommend that most everyone take a good multivitamin, only 50% of Americans say that they take vitamins regularly. Since taking vitamins only costs a few cents a day, it isn’t the expense that’s the main barrier for most people. In most cases, the barrier preventing people from getting the vitamins that they need to be at their healthiest is simply habit.

Habits can be hard to break, but they can also be hard to form. This can make getting into the habit of taking vitamins every day a difficult proposition for some. The act of taking a vitamin is neither enjoyable enough to make it easily habit-forming nor memorable enough that your guaranteed to think about it every day. In far too many cases, a bottle of vitamins will sit in the cabinet if they are bought at all and are rarely ever regarded.

With this in mind, we set out to change the way people take vitamins to ensure that they never forget or neglect to take them again. After all, if children can have fun shaped vitamins that taste like candy, why can’t adults get their vitamins in a way that is enjoyable as well?

With our lineup of vitamin-based vaporizers – each one delivering a flavorful and enjoyable vaping experience – HealthVape makes taking your vitamins each day easier than it has ever been before. Simply enjoy your vape throughout the day and you’ll get the vitamins you need. When you get in the habit of using your HealthVape each day – which is a much easier and more enjoyable habit to form than taking a pill - getting your vitamins becomes second nature.

Even in modern times, far too many preventable health conditions are caused by vitamin deficiencies. With HealthVape, though, you can ensure that you get the vitamins you need each day to feel your best and live a long, healthy life.   


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