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Is a Vitamin Supplement Necessary for Good Health?

According to a survey by the Council for Responsible Nutrition, 32% of adults in the United States do not take any kind of dietary supplement. Many of those who choose not to take any kind of vitamins no doubt wonder whether or not they are really necessary for good health. Even those who do take vitamins each day may sometimes wonder if they are actually all that necessary. So, what’s the answer? Are vitamin supplements a necessity?

Surveys show that in spite of the fact that doctors and health professionals recommend that most everyone take a good multivitamin, only 50% of Americans say that they take vitamins regularly. Since taking vitamins only costs a few cents a day, it isn’t the expense that’s the main barrier for most people. In most cases, the barrier preventing people from getting the vitamins that they need to be at their healthiest is simply habit.

Habits can be hard to break, but they can also be hard to form. This can make getting into the habit of taking vitamins every day a difficult proposition for some. The act of taking a vitamin is neither enjoyable enough to make it easily habit-forming nor memorable enough that your guaranteed to think about it every day. In far too many cases, a bottle of vitamins will sit in the cabinet if they are bought at all and are rarely ever regarded.

Filling Dietary Gaps

There’s no denying that vitamins are essential for good health. Without the right vitamins, we could all quickly succumb to a wide range of diseases and medical problems. However, people get many if not most of the vitamins they need to survive through their diet.

If you consumed a perfectly balanced diet on a consistent basis, you could potentially get all of the vitamins you need for perfect health without taking any kind of supplement. However, the vast majority of us do not have anywhere near a perfect diet. This is where vitamins supplements come in.

Vitamin supplements make up for the gaps in the average person’s diet, enabling them to get all of the vitamins they need for good health without having to eat all the right foods day in and day out.

That’s not to say that a healthy diet isn’t important so long as you’re taking vitamins, but it is to say that taking vitamins can help make up for the areas where your diet may be lacking, allowing you to enjoy better health in a wide range of areas.

With that in mind, vitamins supplements are absolutely beneficial – if not a necessity – for the majority of Americans – a fact that most doctors will agree with.


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