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Quitting Addictive Nicotine

One of our missions at HealthVape is fostering the health and happiness of our users by being a reliable teammate in the journey to quit smoking or vaping nicotine. While our disposables, rechargeable batteries, and pods may resemble the structure of e-cigarettes, they couldn’t be more different. Each HealthVape device is composed of a lithium battery activated by a light suction. This triggers a cotton-based, non-toxic heating element that transforms our vitamin formulas into a refreshing and flavorful vapor. Each disposable should last about 400-500 inhalations, depending how long you inhale for, usually lasting 2-3 weeks. Each 4-pack of pods lasts around 800 puffs with our rechargeable battery.  With the look and feel, you can have the experience of vaping with improved wellbeing rather than becoming trapped in a dependency. 

Transforming Habits

The cycle of nicotine addiction has to do with dopamine release in reward circuits in the brain, but this attention to reward ­related stimuli can be met in other ways. The key is replacing the craved feelings through different ingredients that boost your health, rather than deplete it. Most smokers wake up and immediately are hit with a craving after not having nicotine all night. The satisfaction when the craving is met leads to the vicious cycle throughout the day. This can be substituted with inhaling caffeine in the morning, with the ENERGY Inhaler, with tasty citrus vapor to promote alertness and focus without the jitters.

When the urge to vape or smoke comes throughout the afternoon, you can turn to the BOOST, a vitamin B12 inhaler that will continue boosting your energy, upping vitamin intake and simultaneously relaxing you with L-Theanine, while providing the physical sensation of hitting a vape. Any HealthVape inhalers can serve this purpose, check them out here to see what suits your needs and tastes.

According to Nicotine & Tobacco Research, sleep disturbance is a common symptom of quitting smokers. Thankfully this can be helped by substituting nicotine before bed with melatonin, facilitating a healthy deep sleep, to wake up refreshed rather than craving. The SOOTHE for sleep has a calming blend of melatonin along with naturally soothing ingredients like chamomile and passionflower that will help you replace a sense of withdrawal with relaxation and rest.

Waking up with a moderate influx of energy, continuing this wakeful relaxation throughout the day, and then enjoying a restful bedtime routine, HealthVape can facilitate positive lifestyle habits rather than harmful addiction. The ENERGY and SOOTHE can also work to replace other harmful habits such as over-consuming caffeine with too much coffee or unhealthy energy drinks. and winding down at night with alcohol or addictive sleeping pills. With HealthVape you can consume caffeine in moderation, and relax and fall asleep naturally. 

Committing to Change

One of the first steps in quitting is being able to recognize what triggers you to smoke or vape and either be ready to make the substitution/replacement or mentally prepare  to resist temptation. It’s very helpful to preemptively avoid situations or groups in which you know will be tempted to vape. You can ask your friends to help hold you accountable and/or to not partake in smoking or vaping right in front of you. Any good friends will understand and want to help you work towards your goal.

Another factor is mindset. Be positive and self assured during the process, believe and tell yourself that you can and will quit, celebrate milestones and reward yourself for them in new ways. Think about all the money you’ll save, how much you’re benefiting your health by getting off nicotine, and how much better you’ll feel overall, especially with HealthVape.

Safety You Can Trust

The act of vaping, though stigmatized, isn’t the problem- it’s what’s inside the devices. Unlike with e-cigarettes and other vapes, you can rest assured the HealthVape experience is fully safe, with all the appealing aspects of vaping without the harmful chemicals and absolutely no addictive nicotine or addictive substances of any kind.

Our proprietary formulas contain a blend of liquefied vitamins, plant extracts, amino acids and supplements in a water-soluble, and completely oil-free, carrier base of organic USP grade vegetable glycerin. The vitamins are heated at a low temperature to deliver health benefits through a breathable mist for quick absorption to mucous membranes in the mouth and throat. HealthVape provides the safety of quality vapor inhalation, but without carcinogens. The devices do not contain nicotine, tobacco, Vitamin E acetate, THC, or synthetic cannabinoids. 

All HealthVape ingredients have been tested to ensure supplement efficacy. This process safeguards against the creation of potentially harmful by-products during the heating process. We mix our proprietary formulas in an ISO certificated laboratory that conforms to the requirements of current Good Manufacturing Practice, based on 21 CFR Part 110 (2017) Published by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

BOOST ENERGY Health Nicotine Free Safety SOOTHE

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