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Boost Your Energy and Change Your Life

Do you ever imagine all that you could accomplish each day if you simply had the energy? As we grow older, our energy reserves slowly diminish, and it can become more and more difficult to make it through the day without feeling worn down and sluggish. Many people choose to combat this lack of energy with coffee or energy drinks, however, these have drawbacks of their own including the almost inevitable caffeine crash that comes later.

It’s far better instead to boost your energy the natural way. In our vitamin-based vaporizer BOOST B12, you’ll find two vitamins and two amino acids that are scientifically proven to boost your energy and enthusiasm.

BOOST B12 contains the daily recommended dose of vitamin B12 – a vitamin that is essential for you to have in order for your body to properly convert the food you eat into energy. When you don’t get enough vitamin B12, you may feel sluggish and tired even when you’ve had plenty of sleep. BOOST B12 also contains vitamin B6, which is another vitamin that plays a key role in the body’s production of energy.  

Vitamins aren’t the only natural compounds that boost energy, though, and BOOST B12 contains two amino acids that are among the most powerful natural energy boosters in the world – taurine and L-theanine. Taurine is a popular ingredient in many energy drinks and supplements and is proven to boost both your energy as well as your mental concentration and focus. Likewise, L-theanine is another common ingredient in many energy boosters and is also used by athletes to improve their energy and performance before a workout or a big game.

When you have enough energy to be at your best every minute of the day, the results can be astounding. With BOOST B12, you can feel the revitalizing effects of some of the most effective natural energy boosters in the world with every puff you take. Add to this a frosty mint flavor that invigorates your mind and senses and you’ve got the perfect way to keep yourself alert and focused all day long.

At HealthVape, we believe that when you boost your energy you can change your life. Try BOOST B12 today and see for yourself what a major difference having more energy can make.

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